The VocTEL Project (2013-2015)

The Vocational Technology Enhanced Learning (VocTEL) is a Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation, Lifelong Learning Programme. The VocTEL programme aims to promote key competences in delivering vocational technology enhanced collaborative learning throughout Europe.
Key objectives within the project are to:
  •  Transfer an existing product – an on-line postgraduate level qualification in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) currently focusing on HE tutors as a target group, to trainers in vocational education and training throughout Europe;
  • Work with project partners and the ultimate target group to adapt the innovation to specific cultural and employment focused contexts;
  • Create a sustainable professional support network or community of TEL trainers within Europe, with an on-line community presence;
  •  Initiate an annual European conference for vocational on-line collaboration and learning to enable the sharing of best practice and dissemination of innovation;
  •  Impact on VET systems and practices with regard to TEL delivery.
The Project is led by University of Wales Trinity Saint David in conjunction with E and X Themeli, Greece; University of Cyprus, Cyprus; Varna Free University, Bulgaria; Excellia Ltd., Bulgaria and Westdownes, Sweden.
On behalf of the LC of the UCY the project was undertaken by Shaunna Joannidou and Eleni Nikiforou.