The Language Centre has established a policy to advise departments on the granting of language course exemptions. This policy facilitates the recognition of the diverse language competencies with which students enter the university. With its implementation, the Language Centre seeks not only to recognize the linguistic competencies of students but also to place them in courses that correspond to their language skills.
Exempting students from a language course upon demonstrated competence benefits students in that it allows for more linguistically homogenous language classes. It’s important to highlight that:

1. Language course exemptions are available only for compulsory subjects.
2. Exemptions are normally only granted for general language courses, not language for specific purposes courses.
3. The Language Centre can recommend exemption from a specific course on the basis of demonstrated competency in the target language.
4. The determination of the competency in a language needs to be in terms of the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ and is based either upon:

a) Certified proof of the successful completion of a course at university level deemed by the Language Centre to be equivalent.
b) Submission of a certificate from an accredited academic institution, recognized by the Language Centre.
c) Performance on an exemption test developed and administered by the Language Centre.

5. Applications for exemptions must be submitted no later than the end of the registration week of the academic semester, via this document accompanied by all necessary documentation.
6. Students are allowed to submit an application for an exemption up to the end of their second year of studies (fourth semester).
7. The Language Centre is not under any obligation to grant exemptions for outdated applications.

  Please also note the following:

1. To qualify for an exemption, related certificates must have been awarded no more than three years prior to the beginning of the course for which exemption is being sought.
2. The exemption test is conducted at a time and place indicated by the Language Centre. It is the student’s responsibility to be present at the scheduled date and time of the exemption test.
3. Students are responsible for informing the Language Centre at least seven (7) days in advance of any special requirements they have in order to sit the exemption test.
4. The Centre has the obligation to recommend to the department of the student requesting the exemption whether they have been awarded an exemption.
5. It is the responsibility of the department and the Student Welfare Service to decide for the approval of the exemption.
6. The Language Centre is solely responsible for determining exemption from its courses.

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